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Opening doors for your cherished investment

Investing in property requires strategic management to truly thrive. 

At Orana, we’re committed to maximising your returns—by securing the right tenants, performing rigorous inspections, maintaining your asset’s pristine condition, reporting and conducting annual analyses and plans for the asset. 

With over a century of collective experience, our seasoned team doesn’t just manage; we innovate. We stay ahead of the curve, not only keeping you updated on current property trends but also preparing you for future market shifts. At Orana, you’re not just investing; you’re advancing.

We answered your questions

How can Orana help me to manage my property?

We handle your landlord obligations, so you can focus on other priorities. This responsibility covers a wide range of duties: such as collecting rent, inspecting the property, securing new tenants, organising quotes, conflict resolution, negotiating lease agreements, and informing each party of their legal responsibilities.

Why choose Orana to manage your property?

We’re committed to giving you the highest return on investment – on top of handling the day-to-day logistics of caring for your property and liaising with tenants.

Your dedicated property manager communicates directly with you, while supported by the entire team. There’s 120 years of experience between all of us, so you benefit from this collective knowledge.

You can expect performance reports every quarter. We regularly monitor the property market so we’re ready to capitalise on any golden opportunities that arise.

Orana Property is accredited with REIWA, the peak body for real estate professionals in Western Australia. As such, our services are held to the highest standards. We use the latest technology, systems and procedures to give our clients the best value. As a bonus, the planet also benefits from our paperless approach!

Our team provides quality management services at a competitive price.

What area does Orana Property service?

We service suburbs in the Perth Metro area and all suburbs from Mandurah to Two Rocks

What fees does Orana Property charge?

Our fees fall under three categories: management, letting and miscellaneous.

Management fees – The day to day tasks associated with managing your investment property. Orana management fees are more inclusive compared to a typical agent fee structure.

Letting fees – All services related to re-letting the property to secure a quality tenant, as required. This includes advertising the property, conducting home opens and processing tenancy application’s to find the best suitable.

Miscellaneous fees – Any other costs that may arise, such as professional photography, lease renewals or tribunal representation costs.

How much do property managers charge in WA?

In Western Australia, property managers charge between 7.7% – 16% of your total rent income.

If your investment property is located in a regional or rural part of Western Australia, property management fees may be higher than in Perth.

Property managers also generally charge more for short-term and holiday rentals.

Why are property management fees higher in WA than other parts of Australia?

Rates are less competitive in Western Australia, as there are fewer agencies compared to other states like NSW and Victoria. In addition, the legislation in each state varies as well as median rental amounts which affect a company’s income and expenses.

Can I have face-to-face meetings with my property manager?

Sure, we’re happy to meet you in person(& we’ll even shout you a coffee). Alternatively, we can collaborate via phone, email, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, whichever you prefer. We have many clients we work with that are based overseas or interstate or remotely. We cater to what works for you.

What’s the average time period for a residential tenancy?

Normally 6 to 12 months or some prefer longer – minimum is six months, the average is 12 months and some may even be longer at 24 months, especially in the current market where tenants and landlords both want the security of longer term leases.

How long can I expect to wait until my property is rented?

We can’t provide an exact timeframe, as this depends on market conditions at the time. Although we’re unable to make any guarantees about leasing time, we can promise that our leasing specialists are committed to finding a suitable tenant as quickly as possible.

Recently, our average track record has been less than two weeks, and & some even quicker within a week! We are currently receiving anywhere between 20 – 60 attendees at our home opens and multiple applications.

What factors do you consider when determining the rent for my property?

It’s a fine balance between obtaining the best possible rent, to the best applicant as quickly as possible. We consider the level of demand for similar rental properties in your location at the time.  Our approach is to advertise the property at a fair price, in line with the current market to generate a high volume of interest in order to get the best quality candidates applying for the property.

Am I able to set the rent higher than what Orana Property recommends?

Yes, this is possible. However, there’s a risk that your property will take longer to lease if you advertise higher than market demand.

We will work with you to set a marketing plan in place this will outline the initial listed price, enquiry level, and timeframe of when to adjust the price to market demand in order to minimise your days vacant. Over time this will outweigh trying to achieve $20 per week more if your property is sitting vacant.

The market rent is what has historically been achieved while upward or downward market movements are analysed by us daily. In cases where we can present a suitable applicant who is willing to offer more than the market rent, we will certainly put this forward as a desirable candidate for our owner to make the final decision.

What processes do you have in place to screen prospective tenants?

We leave no stone unturned when making sure the new tenant is suitable for your property. Our screening process involves reviewing national tenancy databases, so we can eliminate prospects who’ve had problems with previous landlords. We also thoroughly check supporting documents. This extensive list includes proof of income, 100 points of identification, current rental or ownership history and reference checks.

Is it possible for tenants to pay me directly?

It’s best if we collect the rent, so we can manage your accounts accordingly. This enables us to reliably track payments. We can also make sure there are enough funds to pay any invoices that arise for rates, maintenance, and other costs.

How often does Orana inspect properties?

Our team inspects properties every three to four months to ensure that tenants are respecting the premises and to check if any maintenance is required. We keep you updated about the property’s condition with these regular reports, which include several photos.

What are my rights when it comes to inspecting the property?

You’re entitled to inspect the property, however you must give your tenant at least seven days of written notice each time. Inspections cannot occur more than four times within a year. Find more information on the WA government website.

What happens if my tenant delays their payment, or displays problematic behaviour?

We carefully screen all tenants when advertising the property, which prevents a lot of problems from occurring.

However, challenges may occur for some of our tenants, regardless of how thorough the selection process, unforeseen circumstances can occur that are out of our control.

I have more questions about property management with Orana Property…

No problem! Simply call our team at 1300 509 554 or fill out this form and we will get back to you. We’ll happily provide all the information that you need to make an empowered decision and be here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

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