Lynn Lee

Lynn, our esteemed Financial Administrator at Orana Property Group, brings over 25 years of accounting experience to the table. Her background, enriched in corporate settings and as a freelance professional, equips her to adeptly handle financial intricacies. Lynn’s blend of empathy and analytical prowess makes her an exceptional asset to Orana Property Group. Her ability to understand the nuances behind numbers and foster genuine connections elevates our team and enriches our strategic approach.

Throughout her career, Lynn has significantly contributed to firms like Goodrich Control System, Oxley Group and Bluestone Group, enhancing her expertise and gaining insight into diverse financial landscapes. As a Chartered Accountant of Singapore with ACCA credentials, she exemplifies technical acumen and a comprehensive grasp of financial standards. Her role transcends traditional accounting; she is a visionary in financial stewardship, propelling Orana towards new heights.

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