Mark Butler

Mark Butler, the Managing Director of Orana Property Group and a seasoned real estate licensee, commands an impressive career spanning 40+ years across Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Mark has successfully owned and operated substantial rent roll businesses. With a track record of delivering over $5.0 billion in property projects in Australia, he brings a wealth of knowledge in funds management, property development, investment, sales, marketing, financing, and strategic planning.

Mark’s strengths lie in his calm demeanour, analytical approach, and meticulous attention to detail, making him an invaluable leader at Orana. His driving force is simple yet profound – a genuine love for what he does. Upholding the belief that people are the most important asset, Mark leads with the principle of treating others as he would want to be treated. His vision for Orana is clear: to establish it as a leading property management company where customers consistently enjoy positive experiences and outcomes. Trained as a valuer, Mark has a high skill set in all property-related aspects. He believes in empowering his team, acting as a guiding shadow to ensure excellence in every facet of the business.

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